Short story

Pip Harry is a freelance lifestyle and entertainment  journalist who has worked on many magazines including Woman’s Day, Yours, New Idea, Good Health, TV WEEK and NW. Her debut YA novel I’ll Tell You Mine (2012, UQP) won the Australian Family Therapists Children’s Literature award in 2013. Her second YA novel, Head of the River, about competitive school rowing, was longlisted for the State Library of Victoria’s Gold Inky award in 2015 and shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Literary awards in 2016.  Pip recently relocated to Singapore with her family and is currently working on her third YA novel (UQP, 2017) and as a freelance copywriter and editor. When not at a keyboard, she can be found sweating, eating satay and swimming laps.

Longer yarn

Pip Harry was born in Melbourne in the 1970s. She lived in the USA and Singapore before returning to the ‘burbs in Australia where her childhood was made up of long, hot summers, BMX bike-riding, home-work avoidance and scribbling creative stories.

After time spent as a rowing coach, nanny, camp counsellor, pool lifeguard and countless other starter jobs, a wonderful editor at NW magazine gave her a start as a junior entertainment reporter, which involved chasing celebrities down red carpets, sitting around at sound-checks and film sets and interviewing A. B and C-listers. Also, lots of sticking to deadlines.

Pip almost forgot that she wanted to be an author of books, because she was so busy in the engine room of magazines, eventually becoming Deputy and Acting Editor at TV WEEK. On her 30th birthday she enrolled in a creative writing class at UTS and starting writing short stories. It was a revelation to find other people who made up stories and characters.

She also quit her office job and started travelling the world writing travel features and braving the wild world of freelancing, hoping to be able to pay her rent. Trips to Africa, the Maldives, Tahiti, Tokyo, Canada and beyond made the uncertain pay cheque worth it. Freelancing also gave her more time to write fiction.

Pip’s first novel, I’ll Tell You Mine was inspired by her own stint in a Melbourne boarding house as an authority-challenged teenager. The first 10,000 words flew from her fingers in a few days and three years later, she had a finished draft. Some false starts and set-backs later (read about her journey to publication here) she signed a long awaited contract with UQP books.

I’ll Tell You Mine has led to many exciting things, including an Australia Council grant for Emerging Writer’s and a second YA novel, Head of the River, which was longlisted for a Gold Inky and shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Literary awards in 2016.

Currently, Pip lives in Singapore and works as a freelance copywriter and editor. Her third yet-to-be-titled YA novel is due out through UQP books in mid-2017.