I’ll Tell You Mine (UQP)

I'll tell you mine

Kate Elliot isn’t trying to fit in – that’s the whole point of being a goth, isn’t it?

Everything about her – from her hair to her clothes – screams different and the girls at her school give her a wide berth. How can Kate be herself, really herself, when she’s hiding her big secret? The one that landed her in boarding school in the first place. She’s buried it down deep but it always seems to surface.

But then sometimes your soul mates sneak up on you in the most unlikely of places. Like Norris Grammar Boarding School for Girls, where’s she’s serving a life sentence, no parole, because her parents kicked her out.
So, how do you take that first step and reveal your secrets when you’re not sure that people want to see the real you?


Head of the River (UQP, 2014)


HOTRcover-small ‘Flows fast and deep and occasionally treacherous. I loved it.’ Simmone Howell

  ‘The struggles these two teenagers face will speak volumes to readers.’ Books + Publishing

  ‘The tension, tragedy, technical background and team dynamics are all exemplary and the characters rise real from the page.’ Adelaide Advertiser, 4.5 STARS

I haven’t loved a book this much for a while … a beautifully written story, which will stay in your mind long after the final race has ended.’ The unfinished bookshelf 5-Star Review’

‘A cracker. Her intimate knowledge of rowing garnered through being a rower herself and her seasons coaching rowing at an exclusive Melbourne girls’ school brings this story right off the page. Harry pulls no punches. Fabulous writing teams up fabulous characters for a topical and entertaining read.’ Meredith Jaffe, The Hoopla

‘Body image and ambition are tackled in ways that may surprise. If you have a hankering for great new takes on contemporary Australia and strong characterisations, this book is definitely for you!’ Inside a Dog (State Library of Victoria) 

‘Wow. Just… wow. Flawlessly, Pip Harry tells both of their stories — the pressure they both face and the ways they deal with it — and rhythmically weaves them together. One of my favorite stories thus far of 2014.’ Rather Be Reading

 ‘Absolutely engrossing. This is a fast paced story that once picked up will be devoured by readers 14 upwards.’ Tanya Grech Welden

‘A moving and captivating story with a bittersweet ending, sure to be loved by teens and adults.’ The Bookish Manicurist

‘As the climactic race approaches it becomes harder and harder to put the book down’ … it left a ‘lump in the throat at the book’s sad, cautionary climax.’ Magpies

Pip Harry was able to put me right into the action from the grassy banks of the river … a fascinating story.’ Diva Booknerd

‘A compelling and thoughtful contemporary Australian YA sports novel … compulsive reading – with a plot that catches you like a crab and pulls you under. I loved it.’ Alpha Reader

It’s the most elite school sporting event in the country. Nine rowers, 2000 gruelling metres and one chance for glory in the ultimate team sport. Sit forward … ROW.

Tall, gifted and the offspring of Olympians, superstar siblings Leni and Cristian Popescu are set to row Harley Grammar to victory in the Head of the River.
With six months until the big race, the twins can’t lose. Or can they?

When Cristian is seduced by the easy route of performance-enhancing drugs, and Leni is suffocated with self-doubt, their bright futures start to fade. Juggling family, high expectations, study, break-ups, new relationships and wild parties, the pressure builds.

As the final moments tick down to the big race, who will make it to the start line? And who will plummet from grace?

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