I'll Tell You Mine

Winner: Australian Family Therapists Children’s Literature Award  

Kate Elliot isn’t trying to fit in – that’s the whole point of being a goth, isn’t it? Everything about her – from her hair to her clothes – screams different and the girls at her school give her a wide berth. How can Kate be herself, really herself, when she's hiding her big secret? The one that landed her in boarding school in the first place. She's buried it down deep but it always seems to surface. 

But then sometimes your soul mates sneak up on you in the most unlikely of places. Like Norris Grammar Boarding School for Girls, where's she's serving a life sentence, no parole, because her parents kicked her out.

So, how do you take that first step and reveal your secrets when you’re not sure that people want to see the real you?

  • A boarding school setting plus great characters plus plenty of heart definitely equals a great read.
    — Bookseller + Publisher
  • I loved it. It has three of my favourite ingredients: boarding school, great characters and a lot of heart.
    — Melina Marchetta
  • It kept me riveted … holding enough back to keep me turning the pages into the wee hours of the night!
    — The Big Book Club
  • A beautiful debut which expertly captures the struggle to find your identity, fall in love, and survive high school
    — Viewpoint